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Recent Export Control Developments from Around the Globe:

World Customs Organization: 6/1/14 - World Customs Organization Publishes STCE Implementation Guide for Members

Asia Pacific: 6/11/14 - South Korea Publishes a Guide on Automobile Exports

North America: 6/4/14 -Canada Amends Defense Production Act

Middle East and North Africa: 6/15/14 - Israel Urges Traders to Utilize New Defense Export License

Europe: 6/11/14 - UK Revises the Open General Export License

CIS: 5/29/14 - Presidents of Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan Sign Treaty Establishing the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU)


SECURUS Strategic Trade Solutions is delighted to announce that Jay P. Nash has been selected to serve as co-Chairman of the upcoming 2015 SMi Defence Exports Asia Pacificconference in Singapore.

Jay P. Nash spoke at the  Defense Export Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands on October 1st and 2nd, 2014.

Jay P. Nash hosted a webinar on recent changes to export controls in Russia and CIS countries with the Export Control Training Institute on July 10, 2014.